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Automated fare collection / e-ticketing without concerns

Based on the experience Roolit has gained with regard to Public Transport and Automated Fare Collection, the demand for decent management tooling was quite obvious.  The market today for Automated Fare Collection doesn’t care for the management tooling of Equipment Operating Data, and provides basic (often hardware dependent) tooling which is a pain to work with.

We at Roolit believe that the management software for managing your products and services is one of the most important aspects of your day to day operations.  Therefore we created several solutions for the Automated Fare Collection development and testing processes.

We designed these solution to be completely vendor independent, robust, intelligent and easy.  Our solutions will save you time and help you in delivering a better quality.

Produkto is a product information management system strongly integrated with the Dutch Automated Fare Collection System known as “OV-Chip”. With Produkto you can manage all your products, both specific public transport products as well as generic products, in one location. Because Produkto is designed to be multi-channel, all product information can be exported to several different channels (EOD, PPT, NeTex, Webshop, …)

Testo is a product testing suite designed for Automated Fare Collection. The system allows for automated and dynamic testing of product definitions, topology changes and transactions with integrated test reporting.

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