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Applications need to interconnect between each other.  Your new CRM software needs to be feeded with data from excel files, your invoicing system, a custom developed system, or even the combination of all those systems.  This can be needed for initial data input or for migrations, but often you want those connections to work both ways in order keep all of your data in sync at all times.

We specialize in data migrations and the creation of interfaces to interconnect systems and keep you data in sync.

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Every project starts with a thorough analyses. What is currently present? What are the needs that need to be fulfilled? Can these needs be fulfilled by using existing connections or is there a need for a custom implementation?

At Roolit we take the time to listen to all of your input and together we strive for the perfect solution.



When we finish the analysis, we start designing the perfect solution for your problem.

As we want to be sure that the design corresponds to the expectations, at a regular basis we communicate the designs, ideas and concerns. The feedback we receive is an important aspect for creating the ideal design.



As soon as parts of the design are signed off, we start the development. Development of our interfaces is done using the SCRUM methodology, allowing us to provide you with working versions on a certain interval.


Through the development of the interface(s) we perform thorough testing. We want to make sure that we provide you with a fully functional solution.



After testing, the software can be implemented. Every software delivery is accompanied with the necessary documentation to ensure a fast and easy implementation.


Throughout the entire project and even after finishing the project good qualitative support is a must. Here we’ve got you covered. We guarantee fast and high quality support to make you happy.


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